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General Information & Rules:

***Girls 10 years & over will be permitted to year pageant wear***
***Girls 9 years and under will not be permitted to wear pageant wear.***
• The Watermelon Pageant is a natural pageant & makeup should be age appropriate. Glitz Pageant Wear is not permitted for ages 9 & under.
• Entry Fee - $45.00 and includes: Beauty Pageant, Photogenic, Prettiest Dress, Prettiest Hair, Prettiest Smile, & Pageant Tee. To be judged in the Photogenic Category, ONE PHOTO is to accompany your application. 
• Application, fee, and photo deadline is Friday, June 16. There will be NO exceptions to the deadline.
• Divisions are as follows:
0-11 Months, 1 Year, 2 Years, 3-4 Years, 5-6 Years, 7-9 Years, 10-13 Years, 14-17 Years, 18-21 Years (Watermelon Queen Category)
• Only ONE female per contestant is allowed in the back holding areas. Only ONE female is allowed to escort on stage or stay in the wings of those in the 5-6 Years category and under. If you would like to watch the pageant, you will need to purchase a ticket in the lobby for entry. Please be aware that NO MEN or YOUNG BOYS are allowed backstage, nor in holding rooms, nor as escorts for contestants. This includes fathers, brothers, boyfriends, and hair & makeup artists.
• Each contestant will receive a 2023 Pageant Tee and a participation certificate. Each age division will have a Queen, 1st Alternate, 2nd Alternate, Most Photogenic, Prettiest Dress, Prettiest Smile, and Prettiest Hair. The Queen in each age division will receive a crown.
• Judging will be by out-of-town judges. The judges decisions are FINAL. 
• Each contestant should wear an age-appropriate dress. Pageant wear will be permitted for girls 10 Years and over. Girls 9 Years and under will NOT be permitted to wear pageant wear. 
• Check-In will be backstage of the Russellville City Schools Auditorium on Saturday, July 15th, see below for your age divisions. Lineup is 15 minutes prior to stage time; BE DRESSED & READY UPON ARRIVAL! Dress areas will be limited. We will NOT hold your group and delay the pageant.
(Take a screenshot to have for your reference.)
10:10 AM | 0-11 Months
10:30 AM | 1 Year
10:50 AM | 2 Years
11:00 AM | 3-4 Years
11:15 AM | 5-6 Years
11:30 AM | 7-9 Years
11:40 AM | 10-13 Years
11:50 AM | 14-17 Years
12:00 PM | 18-21 Years
Complete & submit the application by Friday, June 16, 4:00 PM.
Payment for pageant fee is due no later than Friday, June 16, 4:00 PM.
If payment is not received by the deadline then the contestant will NOT be able to participate in this pageant.
Cash, check, or card are all acceptable payment methods.
For more information, please contact the Franklin County Chamber of Commerce at 256-332-1760 or
*Queens will be presented at the Franklin County Watermelon Festival Opening Ceremony on August 18, located at the Main Stage.
The Watermelon Festival Queen (18-21 Years) will also be responsible for cutting the first watermelon at the Opening Ceremony, awarding prizes at the Watermelon Festival, riding in the Russellville Christmas Parade on Thursday, December 7, 2023, and crowning at the 2023 Watermelon Pageant*